About Me

Hi, my name is Anja
My motto for life is - stay positive whatever you do, never give up hope and there is a reason for everything.
I learned early in life to listen to my guts, my heart and my feelings. My mother taught me that there is no difference between people from other cultures and/or countries; everybody is equal as a human being. In my life I had friends from countries all over the world, different religions and different skin colors. With all of them I laughed, cried and walked a way of my life span.

My path in this life wasn't smooth but I always had the feeling there is more for me to learn and experience. One thing I learned to never give up and enjoy little things in life. That might be a beautiful sunset, a blooming cactus or a smell or taste. Lots of my memories go hand in hand with a taste of a certain food or a smell of something.

Knowing that it is not astonishing that I love DoTerra oils, as you can smell how pure they are. They not only bring back childhood memories but also complete my life. I love cooking and cooking with DoTerra oils is even better. Have you ever tried to make a Guacamole and instead of using a lemon or lime use the DoTerra oils lemon or lime? What an explosion of taste that is - you need to try that.

Besides cooking I love to take pictures of wildlife and landscapes. I am very thankful I could travel the USA and Canada for more than two years and see amazing things, meet awesome people and feel my inner peace in the Mojave Desert. Hopefully more travels will come and I will take lots of pictures. One of my other favorite things is reading. That's why I carry my eBook with me wherever I go.

Together with the love of my life - my husband Peter, I enjoy DoTerra oils in our daily life.

I would love to show you what you can do with DoTerra oils and how DoTerra products are big improvement for your daily life.